Side of the road spares!

There is a famous quote from Benjamin Disraeli that goes “I am prepared for the worst, but hope for the best”. This is a great starting point for every ride. We all hope to have the best ride, one without problems, with the sun on our face and the wind on our back. There is, however, an equally famous quote from Robert Burns which goes along the lines of “the best laid plans of mice and man often go awry”!

I will virtually guarantee that the second quote has applied to you while on a ride at some point! The end result often leaves you standing on the side of the road looking at your bike and wishing you could wind the clock back 2 hours to before you have left or had packed that extra tube, multi tool or pump!

So in this week’s Newsletter we will give you some food for thought on what you should and/or could take with you on your next ride. 

Alas we are not Pro’s, we are not followed by our Director Sportif or personal mechanic or SAG Wagon! So we need to carry our own spares. Contrary to The Velominati’s Rule #29 carrying them on the bike in a saddlebag frees up your jersey pockets for your nutrition, spare clothes and phone. So here is our list of suggestions:

Inner TubeYesYes, take 2 tubesIdeally take a new one, it should (obviously) hold air and have a functional valve. Don’t think that you need two…just ask Norman Stadler!
Tire LeverYes or NoNo or YesSome tires just don’t need them, if yours don’t your golden, if yours do then bring one at a minimum, you may need two!
Co2 CartridgeNoYesMakes it super easy on the day, re-inflate your tire when you get home as the Co2 will leak out over time 16 – 20 grams for a road tire
Co2 Cartridge HeadNoYesCheck make sure you head type matches your cartridge type, don’t discover you have mixed and matched a push on and screw on!
Multi Tool4, 5, 6mm hex & Torx, flat and cross head screwdriverChain BreakerOn a MTB or Gravel ride a Chain Breaker is very handy to have as well as a spare derailleur hanger! Know how to use them before leaving the house!
Chain Quick LinksYesYesIt’s tiny, weighs nothing and broken chains do happen! Again, understand how to use it before you head out.
Latex GlovesWell kinda…YesTo be honest, these can be a kit saver, you’re guaranteed to have an issue on New White Jersey Day, plus they stop annoying rattles in your bag!
PumpNoYesEssential if your opt out of carrying Co2. Pop it in your jersey pocket. An added bonus it allows you to be a good Samaritan on the road!
CashYesYesMoney talks; at least it will pay for the cab home, let you buy that Coke or even better the second slice of cake on your coffee ride!

All of the above, with the exception of the Pump, should fit into a regular sized saddle bag, you don’t need one large enough for the Kitchen Sink! We’re fans of the Silca Seat Roll for it’s classic European look and the Topeak Wedge Pack XS for it’s clean looks and simple mounting mechanism.

While not an exhaustive list these are the things we take with us every time we ride!

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