Screen Time!

This week we thought we would share the two main Garmin screens with you.

In this time of information overload, it’s hard to cut it down the essentials and, to be honest, identifying the essentials can be tricky too. Based on years of using head units and the increasing amount of data that they are collecting and able to display we have pared them down to this.

So, without further ado let’s swipe left!

The main screen is simple, with only 5 fields it’s easy to see and easy to process. It’s the “right here, right now” and as such is the most often in use. All these fields are available out of the box from Garmin except for the last one “Sweet Spot”. The fields show:

  1. Time of Day – kinda obvious, but we do lose track of time!
  2. Heart Rate – monitoring you HR is a good way to see what’s happening. Are you riding easy and your HR is high or are you having issues with elevating it? Despite Power being King, HR is a good Queen to have up your sleeve!
  3. Cadence – the jury is out on high vs. low and much like the weather it changes frequently. So go with the flow. Personally, we aim for around 90 rpm.
  4. 3s Power – this is the average of the last 3 seconds, it’s preferred as it’s a bit more stable than real time which jumps around too much
  5. Sweet Spot – weekend longer rides will often have a goal of  x minutes of Sweet Spot time accumulated and this field displays that data. To get this data I use a Garmin CIQ app called AppBuilder5+. This allows me to create a custom algorithm based on my FTP and the Sweet Spot power range of 84-97%. We show you how to add a CIQ field in another post.

The second screen is a summary screen:

  1. Timer – this shows ride time. With Auto Pause enabled this will stop when you stop riding
  2. Elapsed time – this doesn’t stop when you stop. Basically, these two fields show the difference between riding and total time. It’s a good reminder that those minutes spent standing roadside soon add up. It’s also a good one to use when you are working on minimizing Aid Stations stoppage time! I can’t underline how important these timer screens are on race day! The remaining fields are just overall numbers
  3. Distance – how far!
  4. NP – how hard! Normalized Power (NP) is a metric to quantify training intensity with power data, it’s based on a complex algorithm
  5. Total Ascent – how high, always a good Ego boost!
  6. Ave HR – overall for the ride
  7. Ave Cadence – overall for the ride

You may have noticed that Speed is not used. To be honest speed is result of most of the above and it’s one of those things that when observed can freak people out…it felt like 35mph which is super comfortable vs. it was actually 50mph which has a much higher pucker factor!

Finally while this post shows data fields and screenshots from a Garmin 1030, most if not all should be available on a Wahoo, Polar or other devices, with the notable exception on the CIQ field.

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