The Wind Tunnel

Winter is here! Finally, well, at least for this week! It makes the mornings and evenings cold. Stripping down to your lycra glad self and planting yourself in front of a gale blowing fan, may seem counter intuitive and it probably is for the first 5 minutes!

The reality is our bodies are not very efficient! We would all like to think with our laser like focus our best efforts are pouring power into the pedals. Unfortunately, this is not the case! The reality is that our bodies are turning 75% of the output into heat and only 25% into the pedals!

The body controls our temperature and in the case of cycling heat is dissipated though the evaporation; sweating. Outside we have the benefit of moving which obviously creates a breeze. Clearly inside, this is not the case!

We’ve all seen sweat on the mat under our bikes. Some people view this pool of water as a badge of honor. What they fail to realize is that overheating like this is potentially impacting our workout. Your body is working overtime to cool down, you’re becoming dehydrated and you are pouring corrosive, salty, sweat on delicate bike parts!

Just no!

To compensate for the lack of movement we use fans…oh boy do we!

We have 4 Vornado Heavy Duty Shop Fans and 2 Large Circulator Fans. Combined these are moving nearly 4000 cubic feet a minute. To put that into perspective there are 1600 cubic feet in a room that is 10’x20’ with a 9’ ceiling, which happens to be a pretty close facsimile of our space. So, in summary we’re moving twice the volume of air every minute!

Now I have completely spaced you out! What does this really mean?

The bottom line is with this controlled environment we are allowing you to maximize the benefit of your workout by letting your body effectively evaporate the sweat!

That’s not to say you’re not working, trust me you are!

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