Hello Off Season!

With Ironman Arizona and Cozumel behind us you have probably started your off season.

The weather on Thanksgiving and the following weeks and weekends in Westlake Village and surround seems determined to reinforce that!

While typically it seems a bit of an anathema, when you look out the window and see clear blue skies and dry roads, such as we (usually) have in Southern California! Having an off season is important. We are firm believers that you need to have some downtime. Adaptation and improvement are not linear and mentally and physically you need to switch off. Having an off season allows you to:

  • Reflect; how did things go on the last race, the season or year?
  • Recharge; your batteries both mentally and physically
  • Regenerate; spend some time fixing that nagging niggle
  • Restock; spend some time with the family and add some deposits into the goodwill bank
  • Road Map; what’s next? Plan out your next season!

How long does an off season last, well that depends on you, if you have been putting in 15 hour training weeks you may want to take a month off. If your training is significantly less a smaller amount of time may be needed. It’s important to listen to your mind and body. If you’re raring to go, you’re probably good to go. Whereas, and we all do, have days when we really don’t feel like it and they are becoming the norm then you’re probably not ready. The truth probably is somewhere in between!

However, while the sharpest of knives goes dull at some point you don’t want to neglect things completely. You can easily find your trying to ramp up too quickly when you start again or not having enough runway for your next event. As you can see it’s a fine balance!

One thing to bear in mind is that the off season is exactly that a season and like all seasons they change. But what should off season look like? There are plenty of schools of thought and suggestions on this, but here are three we like;

  1. 3 Steps to Starting your Off-Season Training
  2. Two Concepts to Guide Your Off-season Training
  3. Off Season Maintenance

One thing that they all agree on (and so do we) is that it’s not a good idea to go “cold Turkey”…well apart from, perhaps, the day after Thanksgiving!

Our suggestion is to reduce your overall volume but retain some intensity. Several workouts that address Zone 2/Endurance and one hard Zone 3/Tempo with a little Zone 4/Threshold work during the week will keep you ticking over until you start training in earnest.  

2020’s Season will come around fast once we get through the Holidays. Here are a few events you may have on your radar…the furthest of which is distant 26 weeks away and the closest a short 62 days!

  • 0-70 days
    • The Rock Cobbler
  • 71-100 days
    • The Desert Tri
    • The Solvang Century
    • Redlands Strada Rossa
    • Malibu Gran Fondo
  • 101-130 days
    • Oceanside 70.3
    • The Mulholland Challenge
  • 130 – 160 days
    • Belgian Waffle Ride
  • 160-190 days
    • Orange County Tri

Whatever your plans for 2020 we hope we see you soon!

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