Six Stocking Stuffers!

Here are some ideas for Stocking Stuffers that you can get the cyclist (or yourself) and have delivered in time for the Big Day!

Dummy Hub, we talked about this in a prior post about washing your bike! There are several options including those from Pedros, Feedback Sports and Park Tools to name a few. We like the Park Tools version, its nice and simple and comes in a handy-dandy storage tube.

Warmers; only if you can live without having matching kit…trust me the struggle is real here! But if you can you check out the dreamy soft offerings from Snek. Merino wool is natural and warm in the cold and wet! They come in classic black, have a old school look and will be the envy of your buddies!

A Phone Case, ditch the the ZipLoc bag. You just spent $1000 on a phone, treat it with a little more respect than a 10c baggie! There are several options and sizes. We use the Club case from Waterfield. Room for you phone and some emergency spares. It’s fits nicely into a jersey pocket and keeps everything safe and sound!

Jersey Pump, go environmentally friendly and carry a pump. If you haven’t felt the cold jet of Co2 on your fingers as you try to get it into your tube you will at some point! You’re then left wondering how you’re going to get home! Today’s pumps weight the same as two CO2 cartridges and the head unit. Lyzene’s Pressure Drive fits easily in your pocket and gets you back on the road nice and quick!

DRL – Daytime Running Lights, perfect for this time of year but also valid on any ride. Having some running lights will help you be seen by other road users and that’s never a bad thing. There are plenty to choose from but remember buy cheap usually ends up being buy twice. Bontager’s Ion FlareSee Sense’s Ace and Garmin’s Varia are all worthy contenders. If you really want to level up have a look at the Cycliq Fly 6 and Fly 12 Cycliq offer a Team Deal if you can gather enough interest!

Finally a grab bag of consumables…stuff wears out. This time of year is perfect for replacing some of them, think of it as replacing your smoke detector battery before you get that annoying “beep beep”…usually at 2:00am! These things include; shoe cleats, brake blocks, tires and batteries; HR straps are usually the first to go!

So there you go, some last minute ideas for you or your cyclist!

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