Why Wahoo?

We are lucky at Watts Up to have a studio equipped exclusively with Wahoo Kickrs. We have have been long time users of Wahoo Kickrs at home and when it came to reviewing and selecting a Trainer for Watts Up it was a no brainer that we would fill the studio with Kickrs. The reasons for our decisions are below:

  • As Coaches there are two levers we can pull when creating a training ride; duration and intensity. When in Erg mode the resistance (or intensity) created by the Kickr is the specified number of watts that are needed for the interval be it an Endurance, Tempo, Sweet Spot or VO2 Max interval. No more no less.
  • The flip side to this is that the recovery intervals are done right. There is no over riding them. Recovery is important as it sets you up for success for the next interval.
  • Using a software platform we can control each Kickr based on the individual riders capability/FTP. Of the top shelf trainers, suitable for studio use, there is only one other that that offers this feature and it was an unknown to us.
  • In addition to the above the fact that the resistance is individualized and based upon the riders ability/fitness level ensures that they are training in the correct Training Zone(s) and utilizing the correct energy system.
  • The Kickr has been around since 2014. By comparison to its nearest technically similar rivals it’s a gran-daddy. Each iteration has improved on it’s prior version. The newer versions now allow for disc brakes, thru-axles and the Wahoo Climb

Becca blogged about this 2 years ago from a user’s perspective. You can read more about her experience here.

We are sure once you have tried a Kickr you’ll agree with our choice!

We saved one for you…