Q: What does “Watts Up” mean?

A: Our goal is to get your Watts Up! Our training is power based and power is the rate at which energy is used (energy over time) and is measured in watts. In cycling, energy is expressed in terms of work It’s a constant measure of your work rate at any given moment. It’s the building block from which all power-based training flows. 

Q; How do I get started?

A: If you are new to indoor power-based training we suggest you sign up for a FTP Test. See our Schedule Page for more information.

What is “FTP”?

A: FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power. Simply put, FTP is the average number of watts that a rider can sustain over an hour. It is represents as a number followed by Watts i.e. FTP 150 Watts

Q: How do I get this number then?

There are several protocols for testing your FTP; the 20 minute test, the 2 x 8 minute test or a Ramp Test. Each type of test has its benefits. Our recommendation to get you started is the Ramp Test. There are several reasons behind this rationale:

  • The 20 minute or 2 x 8 minute tests require a reduction of training in the preceding week, you should not do these tests with fatigue in your legs
  • The recovery following these test can be significant, an all-out 20 minute effort is going to impact the next week’s training
  • There is as much an art as there is a science to successfully executing a 20 minute or 2 x 8 minute test. If it goes awry, especially, if it towards the end of the test it means you will have to recover before you ready to go again

Q: So, can you tell me about this Ramp Test?

A; A Ramp Test starts with a 5 minute warm up at 40-50% of your estimated FTP. Resistance then increases by 6% in one minute increments until failure. Your FTP will be 76% of the last completed minute. We suggest an pre-test warm up and post-test cool down to complete the session.  The whole test should take 30-40 minutes.

Q: How often should I get tested?

A: We recommend you retest every 8 weeks. Our Training Plans are built in 4 week blocks so the testing will align with this schedule.

Q: How often should I come?

A: Our suggestion is that you come twice a week. The current schedule replicates every two days; Monday and Tuesday are the same and Wednesday and Thursday are the same. This allows people to attend every other day and have a different workout. Friday’s will be a “grab bag” and could include race simulation, climbing, cadence or form work.

Q; What should I bring to class?

A: Your bike, Heart Rate monitor, bike computer or watch if you want to capture your own data (we can sync your ride to most platforms like Training Peaks or Strava), water, determination and some after ride recovery nutrition!

Q: How long are classes? What time does the studio open?

A: Workouts are 75 minutes long . The studio will open 15 minutes before class to allow for setting up your bike. Please arrive on time .

Q: How do I set up my bike?

A: You will remove your back wheel and attach your bike to the trainer directly onto the rear cassette. We are happy to help you at first, but you will need to learn how to do this on your own. It is important we know ahead of class if you have a 10 or 11 speed bike, 700cc or 650cc wheels, and quick release skewers or thru axles. Is that Greek to you? Don’t worry, bring you bike and we will help get you sorted.