Like you, we are busy people. Life, work, children, and other commitments are clamoring for our time. Watts Up Training training sessions are designed to be efficient and effective!

We offer hand crafted training sessions four weekday mornings and three weekday evenings. Every session is led by one of our USAC L2 Certified Coaches. We believe that their participation in the session is key to ensuring our athletes get the best out of their time spent with us. In addition to following the crafted training session the Coaches provide audio queues, encouragement and general banter to make the session as enjoyable as possible.

Our class schedule is broken down to focus on different training zones. By addressing these zones our goal is to improve you overall fitness and capabilities. Many cyclist fall into the trap of not making their hard rides hard enough and their easy rides not easy enough. Our workouts are designed to focus on the hard efforts and intervals, we focus on

  • VO2; Zone 5,
  • Threshold; Zone 4,
  • Tempo; Zone 3 and
  • Sweet Spot; which bridges Zones 3 and 4

We are not addressing Zone 2; Endurance and Zone 1; Active Recovery. Endurance rides are great for the weekend as these rides usually a group, team or club rides that are in excess of 2 hours. Recovery Rides can be at home on a trainer or an easy coffee ride with some friends.

The weekly schedule is aid out below. Our recommendation is to add two Watts Up rides to you your schedule. Cyclists can add an Endurance or Recovery Ride in between days. For Triathletes these would fit in around you scheduled Swims and Runs.

  • VO2/Threshold; Tuesday mornings and evenings
  • Threshold/Tempo Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings and evenings,
  • Fridays are a Kitchen Sink workout, there is no class on a Friday evening

We encourage everyone to take an initial FTP (Functional Threshold Test) to establish a base line and then to repeat the testing every 8 weeks. We provide FTP testing on Sundays. FTP testing is never fun but we believe that testing frequently allows you to measure improvement. (for more information on FTP Testing please look at our FAQs). We can also provide a One-on-One FTP service by request.