Like you, we are busy people. Life, work, children, and other commitments are clamoring for our time. Watts Up Training training sessions are designed to be efficient and effective!

We offer hand crafted training sessions five weekday mornings and four weekday evenings. Every session is led by one of our USAC Certified Coaches. We believe that their participation in the session is key to ensuring our athletes get the best out of their time spent with us. In addition to following the crafted training session the Coaches provide audio queues, encouragement and general banter to make the session as enjoyable as possible.

Watts Up Training is planned on a 4 week Macro Level. Within that we break things down into weekly Micro Levels. Our Training Sessions are further broken down across the week to allow you to add structured training into into your training schedule. We have created three separate “buckets” of work:

  • Monday and Tuesday; mornings and evenings
  • Wednesday and Thursday; mornings and evenings
  • Friday; mornings

The training is designed to be most effective when you schedule and combine sessions as follows:

  • Monday and Wednesday
  • Tuesday and Thursday
  • Friday’s session will be a grab bag and could focus on some specific area; low cadence work, sprints, race simulation and so on

We encourage everyone to take an initial FTP (Functional Threshold Test) to establish a base line and then to repeat the testing every 8 weeks. We provide FTP testing one Sunday every month. FTP testing is never fun but we believe that testing frequently allows you to measure improvement. (for more information on FTP Testing please look at our FAQs). We can also provide a One-on-One FTP service by request.